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Jo Englesson

creative peacemaker | speaker | author


Online Courses

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An 8-week online live wellness program for corporations and professionals ready to infuse a work/life balance into their environment.
The CIJ Culture Catalyst is based on a Stanford University Master’s degree class in transformation.
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A complimentary self-study online course in Gratitude and Awareness. Explore how to redesign your entire context to abundance by learning how to access Gratitude 100% of the time!
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A self-study course in awakening for individuals ready to ignite the spark of inspiration and purpose.
Get clear on your vision for the world and examine five principles to live by in order to have that vision manifest. 
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[re]WIRED for Peace is an 8-week online live program with Jo Englesson that will support you in getting out of your own way in all areas of your life. 

Jo is a charismatic and joyful innovator and keynote speaker who creates peace in the world in the field of transformation and technology.

Jo is the founder of TOFA (Token of Appreciation) and Gratitude Training, and the creative force behind "Gratitude! The Show," a one-woman variety show that explores the importance of gratitude and appreciation in one’s life.  She is the Author of the book Source Movement.

Jo has traveled the U.S. sharing her story and encouraging and inspiring people to live a life filled with Joy and Gratitude.  She embodies the concept of change and growth as being FUN, not scary. 


Jo is a light in this world, and her charisma and loving heart is a catalyst for change and the context for a transformed world.


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Jo Englesson

Lighthouse Point, FL

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