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Jo englesson BIO

Jo Englesson is the founder of and TOFA (Token of Appreciation). She is a charismatic and joyful innovator and keynote speaker who’s vision is to create peace in the world through transformation and technology. She is also the author of the book "Source Movement" and is currently writing “Distinct: the Language of Peace.”


In August 2010, Jo established the Gratitude Training, a four-month, in-person leadership program designed to cultivate leaders driven to make a positive impact by “being and thinking the change” they want to manifest. Over 20,000 people have attended her in-person trainings, forming a community of leaders committed to creating a world that works for everyone. In order to reach an even larger and more global audience, Jo has shifted her focus to virtual learning models for both organizations and individuals, which are now offered on


Jo envisions a world at peace within her lifetime. The essence of her teachings lies in inspiring a transformative shift within each student, unlocking profound joy and establishing the groundwork for personal and socially responsible success. She emphasizes that there are numerous creative avenues to achieve global peace. We all possess the power to cultivate harmony and peace in every aspect of our lives, and once we genuinely embrace this notion, a paradigm shift in collective consciousness will ensue, and peace will be inevitable.


Throughout the United States and recently in Europe, Jo has embarked on a journey of sharing her personal story, encouraging and inspiring individuals to master emotional fortitude and live a life filled with joy and gratitude. She serves as a beacon of light in this world, with her charisma and loving heart acting as catalysts for change, shaping the context for a transformed world.


Speaking Experience:



  • 360 Karma – Los Angeles

  • Consulate of Sweden – Fort Lauderdale

  • Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

  • Super Seminar – Los Angeles

  • Sizzle – West Palm Beach

  • Florida Flow Fest

  • The Gratitude Show – Kravis Center

  • I am Complete Woman

  • Ideal School of Advanced Learning

  • Trinity Christian School

  • Kids in Distress Inc. – Fort Lauderdale

  • Swedish School – Fort Lauderdale

  • Medical Institute of Palm Beach

  • Palm Beach Entrepreneurial Mastermind

  • RAW Residency - Miami

  • Seed Food & Wine Festival – Miami

  • The Zen Cruise

  • Zoho Conference – California

  • Shift Charlotte, NC

  • Star-preneur Academy – Los Angeles

  • The Truth about Prosperity – Online

  • Awaken to Wholeness - Online

  • Borrowed Wisdom - Online

  • Feast for the Soul – Online

  • Yoga Fest – Fort Lauderdale






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